About us

Nissi Child Development Fund is designed to take children and young adults who have no one willing or able to care for them.

Children are provided with food, clothing, uniforms and tuition for school and a caring and safe environment, a chance to learn life skills and moral values.

At the moment all the children are all in schools and are sponsored fully by Nissi Child Development Fund.

You can join Us and see these children become something in the future.

Our Purpose

To help Children in Uganda who need Education and seek to provide a loving and safe environment.


Mission Statement

Nissi exists to provide underprivledged children a good education in a safe, loving environment. We also want to ensure that the children receive proper nutrition as they attend school. We want them to also learn how to respect God and know His love for them.

Our permit



A word from the Director

Thank you for reading the children’s stories, and your kind consideration of partnering with Nissi to help provide these children with a much needed education for their future.

As a child, whenever I saw underprivileged families in my community, I would become heartbroken over their helpless situation.

Over the years, a dream was planted in my heart that one day I wanted to help change the lives of the children who didn’t have access to an education.

Will you please join me in helping to change the future of these children? Together, we can make a difference and give hope to a hopeless situation.